Greg Gazin is a self-professed serial entrepreneur.  He is a Tech columnist, small business and technology speaker, an avid blogger, podcaster and now author.  Greg, aka @GadgetGreg is also known as the “Gadget Guy” who helps consumers demystify technology and shows how it can be useful, practical and even fun.


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Meet Author Greg Gazin

-About Greg's first book, Corey OutSMARTs the Butterflies
Corey ​is a happy young boy who loves to play and enjoy life.  He can talk to his teachers and his friends, but when it comes to speaking in front of a group of people, like ‘Show and Share’ or ‘Show and Tell’ at school, he’s scared. 

His tummy hurts and he gets butterflies in his stomach. He’s afraid the kids will laugh and make fun of him, like last time.  Little does he know, that today that will change. He will make a new friend, Milo, who will help him discover his confidence and show him, how to overcome his fear so he can
deliver his presentation and outsmart those butterflies.

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